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From flat to fresh for $300.

So, have you ever driven up your driveway after work and thought "Blah" but don't really have the budget right now to revamp your landscaping and you don't get along well with plants?  I have 5 steps to improve your curb appeal and give you a more updated feel for under $300! 

This is a cost-effective way to add punch and cha...

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Summer is coming to an end...

Have you missed your opportunity?

We often hear a great deal of hype about the “Spring Market” when it comes to selling a property. As a seller, you can easily be misled into believing that Spring & Summer are your only real opportunities to sell your property at a good price. Well, this is not the case – if you look at sales numbers over the year...

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Dont forget to ask...

When you're ready to begin searching for a new home, it's easy to get swept up by the excitement and that's perfectly normal. You might also find yourself feeling a lot of pressure and being overwhelmed by Calgary's current fast-paced sellers' market. The combination of a low inventory and pressure to act quickly could leave you walking away from a...

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