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We all know Calgary is a big city with a lot to offer. The Real Estate Market in Calgary is no different.  Are you an anxious first-time buyer, a family desperately in need of more space or maybe you have come to that time where something smaller just makes sense? Wherever you are coming from you can rest assured that Calgary has some of the best Real Estate opportunities in the country!

When I am asked why I enjoy working with buyers the answer is an easy one - it's like the challenge of a good puzzle! Helping a buyer sort out the pieces (what they "need and want) then figuring out how they can fit the pieces together can be an interesting journey. But it is the the excitement of all those pieces coming together, when they find exactly what they had pictured in their mind, that brings me satisfaction and happiness.

Some buyers are very practical and consider every detail, from the layout, backyard exposure and even the distance to their favorite gym.  Others can quickly get swept up in the emotional draw of a house that brings back memories.  It is my job as a REALTOR to walk you through the buying process, educate you in areas you are unsure of, keep you up to date on the current market conditions and answer all your questions, regardless how small they might seem. 

So, take a look around; I hope that the information you find is helpful and interesting. Whether you are looking for a Calgary Realtor to represent you right now or maybe you are just gathering information for the future, I would be more than happy to answer an email or chat over a coffee!  

Journey of Buying a House


   The Path to Ownership

      Consider your lifestyle
  • what kind of property makes sense
  • are you prepared to own a property
       Talk to Lenders
  • Determine what you can afford
  • Get pre-approved by your lender
      Do your Research
  • Find a knowledgeable REALTOR
       Have a Strategy
  • Plan with your REALTOR to avoid wasting your time or experiencing heartbreak!
       Remember to Breathe
  • When it time to negotiate a purchase, let your REALTOR work hard for you and find a win-win situation for you and the seller!
       Pay Attention to the Details
  • Make sure you meet condition dates and get everything to close on time!
  • with keys in hand take a moment to stand in the house before anything gets moved in and take it all in.  Welcome Home!

The Cost of Buying
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