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When choosing an investment property, it is imperative that your Realtor  has a solid understanding of the Calgary rental market and can use that knowledge to assist in finding the right properties! Properties that  are appealing to tenants, will provide good return on your dollar and will be reasonably affordable to maintain and manage.  To do this effectively your Realtor should be able to share with you a wealth of information about;

  • The Calgary Rental Market – Rents and vacancy rates
  • The Costs – startup costs, ongoing costs and carrying costs
  • The Alberta Tenancy Act -  a landlord’s rights and responsibilities
  • Calgary Tenants – the changing face of tenants and tenants’ expectations 

As General Manager of GIL Property Management & Sales Ltd, a 30+ year Leader in the Calgary Property Management Industry, I am in a unique position to assist Investors in ways that other Realtors may not. I have a daily, hands on, working knowledge of the revenue property industry and the nuances that make it so different from standard Real Estate transactions. 

 Looking for Start-Up Savings?

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Fifty Euro Note on Coins

    First Time Investor?

       Here are a few financial questions to consider:  

  • How will you finance it?
  • How much income can it generate?
  • How much will it cost to maintain it?
  • What are the Tax Implications?
  • Can you afford to carry the property during an unexpected vacancy?
  • Will you have the minimum 20% down payment required for a revenue property?

        As your REALTOR I can sit down and help you start sorting out these questions and make a plan that will work!

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