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 The Currie Barracks District!

Posted on Sep 07, 2019 in For Buyers

** photo credit:  The Queens Own Rifles of Canada Regimental Museum and Archives.

As one of Calgary’s most historically notable sites in Calgary - The Currie Barracks came to be in the 1930s during the height of the depression. For the times a nearly 1.5 million dollar budget was an unthinkable number for many. Providing construction jobs for a commu...

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What is the "RIGHT" choice?

Posted on Jul 25, 2019 in For Buyers

Things in your world are finally lining up, you saved a down payment, you're feeling secure at work and you are just feeling ready! It's an exciting time for sure; in fact, I get excited just writing this piece thinking about how I felt when I bought my first home. I love working with first-time buyers because not only is it great to see that first...

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